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Translator (selection):
Sustainability: A cultural history
, by Ulrich Grober, Green Books, Totnes, 2012

A World Parliament: Governance and Democracy in the 21st Century, by Andreas Bummel and Jo Leinen, Democracy Without Borders, 2018

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Benja and Wuse: food rescuers on a mission, by Wenke Heuts and Inka Vigh, Oekom Verlag, 2023

Editor (jointly with John Blewitt):
The Post-Growth Project: How the end of economic growth could bring a fairer and happer society
, Green House Books (October 2014)

Series Editor (jointly with Professor Sir Tony Atkinson):
Creating sustainable growth in Europ
e, Oxford University Press

Authored Articles (selection):
The Potential Impact of Brexit on the Prospects for a Green Transition in Europe, Green European Foundation, 2018

What’s the point of the EU? The World War I Centenary and the myth of the EU’s “peace mission’’, Green House thinktank, 2014

A European Dream? The slow awakening of sustainability, Green European Journal, April 2013

Reclaiming ‘sustainability’‘, Resurgence/Ecologist magazine, 2012

The trade unions in Great Britain Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 2012

Europe´s future, University of Witten-Herdecke, 2018

Brexit – how did it happen, and what happens next?, University of Witten-Herdecke and European Works Councils Academy Hamburg, 2017

The UK Referendum on the EU, European Works Councils Academy, London 2016

Reclaiming sustainability, University of Surrey, November 2022 (and every year since 2013); also at ‘GreenSpeak’, Brighton; Policy Studies Institute, London; Schumacher Institute, Bristol; University College London (you can watch this presentation here)

Nachhaltigkeit übersetzen, Goethe Nationalmuseum Weimar, 2013

Britain and Germany – two competing models of capitalism?, Sussex University, 2010; Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, 2011; Roehampton University,  2013; Brighton University, 2013; and lecture tour of German cities, 2010

The economic and environmental crises, Joint Compass – Friedrich Ebert Foundation conference on ‘Sustainability in the Good Society’, London, December 2011

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