What I do 

I act as a link between the research and policy communities in the English-speaking and German-speaking worlds. That is, I write, edit and translate texts on research and policy, and speak at and facilitate workshops, meetings, seminars and conferences on research and policy themes, principally (but not only) from a comparative Anglo-German perspective. 

I have over twenty years’ experience in knowledge exchange between Germany and the UK, and have worked with world-leading academics and research institutions in both countries. I am skilled at bridging not only between the two countries but also between academia and the policy community, and have spoken at or chaired meetings at venues such as the German Foreign Ministry, the Office of the Federal President, the House of Commons, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the British Embassy in Berlin, the Royal Society, the British Academy, the Science Centre Berlin (WZB), and the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW). I am am a member of the Translators’ Association and the Society of Authors. 

Since I started working freelance, my clients have included the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Green European Foundation, the universities of Brighton, Bournemouth, Eberswalde, Sussex and Surrey, Denkwerk Zukunft, Oekom Verlag Muenchen, the Federal German Environment Agency, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Wuppertal Institut, and the European Works Council Academy. 

Recent major commissions have included the translation from German of two 400-page books: A World Parliament: Governance and Democracy in the 21st Century, by Andreas Bummel and Jo Leinen; and Humans in the Global Ecosystem: An Introduction to Sustainable Development, ed. Pierre Ibisch et al. I have also translated books by such well-known authors as Ulrich Grober, Uwe Schneidewind and Ulrike Guérot. In 2018 I coordinated a 6-country project on The implications of Brexit for the green transition in Europe for the Green European Foundation and Green House think tank. Currently I am translating the book ‘Verkaufte Zukunft’ by Jens Beckert, Director of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, which was shortlisted for the Book Prize at this year’s Leipzig Book Fair. The translation will be published by Polity Press in June of this year as ‘How We Sold Our Future: the failure to fight climate change’.

Subject areas 

My main subject areas are economic, social and environmental policy. However, I am equally at home with creative writing and with literary and cultural studies, and indeed with most areas of the humanities and social sciences. 

In all of these areas I write, edit and translate texts, as well as speaking at events and facilitating or chairing them (especially when this requires someone who is fluent in both languages). 


If you think my skills and experience (described in more detail on the following pages) could be of use to your organization or project, please send me an informal inquiry or phone me to find out more.

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